Engine Flush and how it can help the performance of your car

best-engine-flush-oil-company-for-your-car-in-india 1 Jun 2020

Engine flush; what is it?

An engine flush is a specially designed aftermarket chemical formulation in the form of an additive that is designed to clean out the accumulated deposits and gunk in the engine of the car. All you have to do is pour in this engine flush through the oil filler port and subsequently idle the engine of the car for about 15 minutes. During this operation, the engine flush will mix with the engine oil and will circulate through the entire engine, in the process taking out the sludge and other deposits. Post this operation, you will need to drain out the engine oil along with the majority of the gunk, and your car will be back to its peak operating capacity. Just change the oil filter and add fresh oil to the engine, and step on the pedal once again.

How do sludge and deposits form in the engine?

When your car was new, it was at its peak operating power and it also delivered the maximum efficiency. With the passage of time, there will be deposits and sludge forming which are of a harmful nature, and they cause performance and power loss. Even if you use the engine oil brand in India, you will not be spared from the debilitating performance of the engine.

The oil pickup tube screen has tiny openings through which sludge passes and it can restrict the oil flow to the engine.

Sludge and deposits can form in the engine for many reasons. Chief among them are short trips that are taken frequently which do not allow the oil to warm up fully and where the moisture is evaporated. Also, the ingestion of airborne dirt, dilution of fuel, and the presence of high heat in the engine of the car will result in the engine oil breaking down. Usage of the best engine oil in India also will require you to use engine flush in your car. Engine sludge when it settles will result in clogging of the narrow oil passages of the oil screen of the oil pickup tube. This hampers the oil flow to the vitally important part of the engine, and the upper valve train in particular. With the formation of deposits, the rings will tend to stick and reduce the engine compression as well as the horsepower.

Is it necessary to have an engine flush?

If you do not have healthy driving habits, getting your oil changed seldom, indulge in a lot of stops and go driving, or have a car that is not much active, your car will remain at risk of buildup of sludge, even if you are a patron of the best engine oil Company in India. Engine oil is engineered to cycle through the engine, lubricating the components and keeping them in top working order. At times, the way a person drives will have an effect on the working of the oil and impede its functioning. As an example if you do short trips, including a lot of stop and go driving, there will be particle buildup in the oil that will leave ugly deposits in the car’s engine. This gets worse with the passage of time and will restrict the oil flow. But there are some things that you can do to get rid of this harmful sludge, and you should invest in an engine flush. Not doing an engine flush ad an oil change will prove to be a costly mistake, and extreme cases will require a total replacement of the engine.

An oil filter will be able to take care of small elements of up to 25 microns (1/1000th of an inch). But there will be other elements that are smaller than 25 microns that even the best oil filters will be unable to remove. With the passage of time, these smaller particles will begin to cause wear and tear in the engine or even bond together to form deposits and sludge. If there is an excessive buildup, even clean engine oil is of no use to remove them. At this juncture, an engine flush assumes vital importance as the only operation that will evince a total flush out of the deposits and sludge.

A good maintenance regime includes engine flush

An engine flush is at times the best idea to restore the engine of the car to top working conditions. As a matter of fact, it the first step that motorists resort to in order to get back the performance and service of the car. Also, when you buy a second hand car, you never know the driving habits of the previous owner. This can result in you having a dubious ride on your hands, and one that will need the services of an engine flush.

In cases like these, having a detergent based flush that is potent will assist in preparing the engine for new oil and it will also loosen any sticky valves or rings, helping to remove the harmful sludge from the engine. If you switch to racing engine oil like ROWE MOTOR OIL from EURO LIQUIDS INDIA, we always recommend that you flush the engine of the car so that it can be give a new lease of life.

Some people are of the opinion that an engine flush will result in large chunks of gunk to create an avalanche of debris that will cause clogged passages in the engine of the car. Don’t worry about this; ROWE HIGHTEC ENGINE CLEANER X-PRESS operates at the molecular level, ensuring that the deposits are properly dissolved and exit the engine with the engine oil at the time of drainage. This operation helps the new engine oil to start on a fresh note, performing at the optimum capacity.

What is the dosage of the engine flush for your car?

A lot of the leading engine oil additive makers make fool of the public by the supply of the same amount of engine flush for all cars. Because EURO LIQUIDS has its focus on the luxury segment only, the minimum engine oil flush for any Euro car is 250 ml. Anything below 250 ml will not serve the purposes of an additive, and as a maximum, for those cars using 7 liters or plus, you could add 50 ml per liter of dosage. Do not get taken in by 200 ml German Engine Oil flushes and use them in your Euro car.


It dissolves internal engine sediments and siltation

Reduces the soiling of new engine oil by old sediments

It is well suited to petrol, diesel as well as gas engines (LPG/CNG)

Is well suited for vehicles with or without turbocharger

Has a highly effective additive composition

Has the simple and rapid application

Effectively cleans the piston rings and increases compression

Preventive cleaning of hydraulic lifters that reduces engine noise

Always choose EURO LIQUIDS as your trusted partner for the engine of your EURO car. Luxury brands require the best attention and will benefit from an association with EURO LIQUIDS.

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