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best-engine-oil-company-in-india 27 Jul 2020

With the growing Indian population, the need for transportation is growing too. Every vehicle needs good lubricants to run smoothly. Engine oil can also be called the “Lifeline” of a car, as it provides enough lubrication to keep the engine components protected even at 200 degrees centigrade. It is very important to choose the best engine oil in India in order to avoid the following;

1. Quick wear and tear of engine parts due to friction

2. Choosing thinner or thicker oil can impact the performance of the car.

3. Ceasing of the engine, due to oil leakage.

Before choosing an oil for your car, take a look at the car manual or get a quick check-up done, to find out the recommended Engine Oil Viscosity, as all car makers set up a certain viscosity grade to be used in every model of their cars.

Viscosity Grade is basically the thickness defined for each engine oil which defines the stress holding capacity of the vehicle i.e. a thick engine oil is usually preferred for the hotter months while a lower viscosity engine oil is recommended for the colder months. Viscosity grades are divided into two- Single viscosity and multi-viscosity.

A thinner oil tends to reduce friction and ensures easy one starts in the colder weather while the thicker oil protects the engine parts and the exterior of the engine which their thick texture. Therefore, it is always important to find out the correct viscosity grade for your car.

Reasons to choose the best engine oil brand in India

Oils and lubricants play a very important role in every country, as they are a natural resource and no means of transport is complete without them. There are a lot of companies that provide racing engine oil, however, not all are of good quality and may affect the vehicle engine in the long run. It is just as important to choose the right engine oil company for your car just as it is to choose the right engine oil because the quality hugely impacts the functioning of the car.

Listed below are a few reasons addressing the importance of the finest engine oils for your car:

1. Good quality engine oil which has been developed by thorough research and development will ensure engine efficiency, protection, and overall fuel economy.

2. Investing in high-quality engine oil will help you save money in the long run.

3. It helps reduce the engine wear and friction, which results in enhanced protection making the engine’s parts less prone to cylinder and cam wear.

4. You will need to change the oil less frequently when you opt for the best engine oil brand in India.

Therefore, it is very important to opt for the best engine oil company in India, such as Euro Liquids which not just offers a variety of lubricants and engine oils but also offers excellent quality, after all, it is the finest engine oils that drive all the cars of the nation.

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