Comparison Between 5W30 and 5W40

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When the time comes to change the engine oil of the car, most car owners will delegate the responsibility to the mechanic, thinking that the mechanic knows all about the car and what is best for it. For other people, the manufacturer’s manual serves as a Bible when it comes to the question of the best engine oil for the car.

In spite of these trends, we believe that changing the engine oil of your car is very much your responsibility. Therefore, you should know what engine oil is best for your car as that will help in ensuring the best performance of your vehicle.

The documentation that comes with the car will state what kind of engine oil will work best, however, there are certain conditions like high mileage engines, price of the vehicle and the climate that will have the final say.

Choosing the right engine oil for your car will guarantee the best possible performance and an engine that runs smoothly without any problems. Here are some basics that will help you with understanding the difference between 5W30 and 5W40 engine oils.

The basics

The numbers mentioned in the description of the oil are not random numbers. They define the grade of the oil. As an example, we are breaking down the 5W30 oil for your understanding.

The 5W in 5W30 refers to the oil that must meet a certain maximum flow at a lower temperature. Lower the W rating, better the performance of the engine oil at a colder temperature.

The 30 rating for the oil refers to the viscosity rating that the oil should reach at 100 degrees Celsius. The lower this rating, the thinner will be the oil at 100 degrees. The oil viscosity is the measure of the resistance of the oil, the thickness indicates the rate at which the oil will flow through the engine.

Low Shear Viscosity

In order to select the best engine oil brand in India, the viscosity of the oil comes into play. If you are seeking a technical approach to selecting the engine oil, the ratings of these two oils are as below;

Operating viscosity of 5W30 is 9.3 to 12.5 mm2/sec at 100g

Operating viscosity of 5W40 is 12.5 to 16.3 mm2/sec at 100g

Factors to consider

Though manufacturers state that a certain oil is best for the car engine, it may not always be the best option. With the aging of the car and the fact that it is driven in different weather conditions, for example, long journeys or on the racing track, you will be better off choosing a different racing engine oil.

As an example, if the vehicle is old or has a high oil consumption, you will be better off in choosing a thicker oil. There are many different types of oil available and you must choose the best engine oil in India for your car after due research. 

SAE 5W30 Highlights

The 5W30 grade engine oil is famed for making your car engine work like a new one. It brings in greater lubrication and also protects your car engine adequately. It is also instrumental in increasing the fuel economy of the car. 5W30 is available from the best engine oil company in India.

Overall performance is improved

Excellent wear protection

Engine is lubricated

Can be used from normal to extreme driving conditions

Can be used in diesel, Gasoline and multi-valve fuel engines

SAE 5W40 Highlights

SW40 happens to be an engine oil that is crudely based and this is best suited for diesel and gasoline engines. This type of motor oil is often used when your car happens to be under warranty.

Can be used for vehicles that use leaded and unleaded gasoline

Has a low volatility

Assists in the reduction of oil utilization

Offers best thinning resistance against heat

Has multiple approvals making it highly recommended


Engine oil is one of the most vital components of your car engine and you can make a huge difference by choosing the right engine oil. The most commonly used engine oil is 5W30, however, if you find that there is oil loss or if you drive a vehicle with high mileage you can switch over to 5W40 without any issues. If you are driving an old vehicle, you will need a thicker oil like 5W40 to reduce the friction between the different components of the engine like the piston rings.

To know more about the right kind of engine oil, visit where you will have expert guidance in choosing the best engine oil for enhanced performance.

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