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best-motor-oil-company-in-india 23 Mar 2020

We are living in times where automobiles are designed to get optimum performance with smaller, light-weight engines holding less volume of oil but produce more horsepower per cubic inch. This means modern automobiles stress the engine oils to their maximum to get optimum performance.

The addition of additives like turbocharging and supercharging has become quite common for increasing the horsepower of the engine. On top of it, torturous operating conditions in congested cities and strict emission control rules constantly demand a motor oil that can survive all and at the same time give protection to the engine.

So let us discuss one by one which qualities make a motor oil best in the group


It will be interesting to note that Racing motor oil is the one that maintains the same viscosity even on being subjected to temperature change. It should be able to maintain its viscosity during the entire duration of the intended drain interval. Good motor oil can be characterized as the oil which can maintain its flow without solidifying at a lower temperature.

It is important to note that petroleum motor oils with high paraffin can solidify at a lower temperature. Apart from that oil that has poor quality additives or viscosity improvers will also create problems in the engine in the long run. On top of it, modern engines do not have a high tolerance and they need motor oil which can easily flow even at low temperatures in order to avoid any engine damage at the time of starting the vehicle.

Pour point test has proved to be quite handy in the selection of the motor oil. It reflects the lowest temperature at which the motor oil can flow freely. At the time of selecting the motor oil look for oils that have low pour points.


Another very important point to be taken under consideration is the volatility of the oil. At high temperatures, motor oils tend to tear apart and are not able to maintain their viscosity range. This process of oil tearing at the molecular level is known as shearing. Good motor oil is the one which can resist this shearing force even at high temperature.

It will be interesting to note that on the increase of temperature, light components of the oils either volatilize or boil off. It is a common phenomenon especially in petroleum oils produced by mixing various hydrocarbons of different sizes. Since lighter parts boil off, the engine is left with the heavier parts of the oil which gradually leads to acceleration wear, sludge and various deposits on the engine.

If you have turbocharged applications in your vehicles then able to resist the shear forces and volatility of the oil becomes all the more important as oil is expected to run through extremely hot bearings of turbochargers.

NOACK volatility test is used to measure the volatility of any given engine oil. Good engine oil is the one that loses less than 10 percent when exposed to extremely high temperatures. In short test results, equal or greater than 2.5 is exceptionally good for motor oil.

Synthetic motor oils have less than 8 or 5 percent loss in the volatility test.

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