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best-motor-oil-for-your-car 27 Apr 2020

A car at the end of the day is a machine, and it will require service at regular intervals to be fit and fine for the operational lifespan that is attached to it. Depending on how much distance you cover in your car, one or two times a year, your car will require a change in the engine oil which can happen at home or with a preferred service center. Changing the engine oil is a very routine job, only eclipsed by the frequency of filling up the gas tank. Car owners rarely give much thought to the engine oil change, because it is a very routine job. However, it is very important to choose the right engine oil for the servicing of the engine. The majority of car drivers is quite ignorant of the numbers on the oil containers and have a lesser understanding of what classifications and qualities are called for by the auto manufacturers. Today we answer all the questions that are attached to engine oils and we show you why EURO LIQUIDS oils and additives happen to be the optimum products for cooling, protecting and lubricating the car engine.

No two oils are equal. Previously, engines were lubricated by conventional oils. Cut to today and synthetic oils are in vogue, consisting of base oil and additives that accrue a host of benefits that are required by modern engines. Of the oil that you pour into the engine, about 70% is the base oil while the rest 30% are the additives which reduce the friction and allow the thickness or the viscosity to be in the optimal range. The additives are crucial, to the extent that it separates the synthetic oils from the conventional oils and often demarcates the oil manufacturers in terms of the quality of the oil. Also the wide temperature range of synthetic oils does away with the need to change a summer oil for a winter oil. The EURO LIQUIDS oil and its additives are made to function optimally in all the four seasons of the year all over the world. This includes its presence in India where it is the best engine oil brand in India.

So, what do these numbers denote? Before we talk about the benefits that EURO LIQUIDS gives to your car engine, we need to explain the temperature ranges and also the viscosity. The two different numbers on the container of the oil denote the viscosity of the oil at the two temperature extremes. As an example, 0W-40 Oil denotes two weights or viscosities at two different temperatures. 0 happens to be the resistance or the lubrication at “winter temperatures” as denoted by the W. 40, on the other hand, shows the resistance at operating temperature. The lower the first number, lower is the ambient temperature it can operate while providing optimum lubrication. If you look in your owner’s manual, you can find the proper weights for your exotic car, otherwise, you can also refer to our vehicle selection tool that has filters that enable it to show the only oil that is right for your engine and is approved.

This is where you might ask which oil is best for your car and how this is measured. Engine oils, including the best engine oil brand in India, adhere to standards that make sure they meet the specific requirements set forth by organizations that are responsible for approving the oil that you may use in your vehicle. API standard dictates the oil approval in North America. While the API standards are quite strict and extremely safe, the OE auto manufacturers have the final say in this matter. As an example, a certain aftermarket oil can have approval from the API in the USA, but might not be approved by the OE manufacturer for a particular and specific vehicle. This actually means that the manufacturer of the oil did not send the samples of the oil to be tested by that specific car manufacturer or otherwise it did not meet their specific requirements. Either which way, approval by the OEM is a surefire way to guarantee that the oil you are putting in the engine is what is required by the car so that it can function optimally for its entire lifespan. 

All the lubricants at EURO LIQUIDS have OEM approval, API approval, and also ACEA approval due to their high-quality base oil and exemplary proprietary additives. If car manufacturers like Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche demand EURO LIQUIDS oil for use as OE approved oil, it is a sure sign that you can safely trust that the lubrication technology is suited for your car too. This makes EURO LIQUIDS the best engine oil company in India and EURO LIQUIDS motor oil the best engine oil in India.

But why does your BMW say “Castrol only” on the oil fill cap? This is because Castrol and BMW have a partnership as do many auto manufacturers with lubrication companies. This happens to be part of their agreement but it does not mean that there are no better alternatives to give your car friction control. The fact is, such oil manufacturers do not really release the same quality of their product in aftermarket compared to the one they supply to auto manufacturers. In this regard, EURO LIQUIDS oils and their additives are the optimum choices because their properties happen to meet as well as exceed all OEM specifications. The EURO LIQUIDS oils fall in the narrow window of ideal behavior as set forth and required by OE car manufacturers. This is the reason why EURO LIQUIDS oil has been consistently voted as Germany’s top choice of lubricant.

EURO LIQUIDS also has additional additives that will protect your engine from wear and tear as it gradually ages. Engine oil by itself has some additives, however, the purpose of the engine oil is to ensure that the engine operates to the end of its projected lifespan.

The exciting properties of EURO LIQUIDS additives and oils make it an excellent choice on paper, however, in this time and age of consumer knowledge, most buyers will prefer reading about the firsthand experience with the products they are considering to buy. EURO LIQUIDS is preferred by all for the benefits that have been enumerated above. EURO LIQUIDS is a trusted name and has impeccable pedigree both on and off the track and this makes it the best racing engine oil. The quality of EURO LIQUIDS products makes it the first choice for European cars for long and stable engine performance.

When it comes to the critical question of your hobby and transportation it is of the greatest importance that you should maintain it with the best quality of lubricants available. EURO LIQUIDS additives and oils are OEM approved and they offer optimum protection against wear and make it operate smoothly without any hitches. With the right kind of oil as approved by OEM and API, you are assured of the best lubrication for the car over its service life. I recommend you log on to and check out for yourself which engine oil will be the best for your cherished car.

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