10 Tips for the Best AdBlue for Land Rover

best-adblue-for-land-rover 19 Oct 2023

Luxury and off-road car manufacturer Land Rover offers a variety of diesel models with excellent technology and performance. From the 2020 Model Year, Land Rover has installed the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system in all diesel vehicles to meet strict emission limits and lessen their environmental effect. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or AdBlue converts exhaust gas nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen and water in the SCR system.

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) licenses AdBlue to certified manufacturers. AdBlue brands vary; picking the wrong one might damage your Land Rover's SCR system, performance, and warranty. Therefore, you must know how to choose the best AdBlue for Land Rover and follow specific instructions for proper use and maintenance.

1. Check the quality standards of AdBlue

Not all urea solutions are the same, and that includes AdBlue. It's important to note that AdBlue is a high-quality product that meets specific standards and specifications. International standards such as ISO 22241 and DIN 70070 regulate the quality of AdBlue, setting guidelines for its purity, concentration, density, pH levels, and other physical and chemical properties.

These standards also outline requirements for storage, handling, transportation, and dispensing.

To ensure that you're getting a reliable product that adheres to these quality standards, it's crucial to check the label or packaging when purchasing AdBlue. The best AdBlue manufacturer will have their products comply with these international standards.

2. Use only genuine Land Rover AdBlue

Land Rover highly recommends using only their genuine AdBlue, which is specially made for Land Rover diesel vehicles. You can find the best AdBlue for Land Rover at authorized Land Rover Retailers or Service Centers, where you can also get your AdBlue tank refilled as part of your scheduled maintenance.

By using the authentic Land Rover AdBlue, you guarantee that you're getting a high-quality product that is fully compatible with your Land Rover's SCR system. It also ensures you don't risk voiding your vehicle's warranty by using unauthorized or incompatible products. If non-genuine AdBlue is used, you may experience various issues like reduced engine performance, increased fuel consumption, heightened emissions, warning messages appearing on your dashboard, or even engine shutdown.

3. Do not use any additives or substitutes for AdBlue

AdBlue is a precise blend of 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water, and it's crucial that this mixture remains accurate and consistent for your Land Rover's SCR system to function correctly. It's important to note that you should never use any additives or substitutes for AdBlue, such as water, antifreeze, ammonia, bleach, or other chemicals.

These substances can alter the composition of AdBlue and may render it ineffective or potentially harmful to your vehicle. Additionally, avoid using urea solutions intended for agricultural or industrial use, as they may have different concentrations, impurities, or contaminants that could damage your Land Rover's SCR system.

4. Store and handle AdBlue properly

AdBlue is a safe and environmentally friendly fluid that requires proper storage and handling in order to maintain its quality and effectiveness. To store AdBlue correctly, it should be kept in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, heat sources, sparks, flames, or electrical equipment. It's important to avoid storing AdBlue near corrosive substances like acids or bases.

When storing and dispensing AdBlue, it's recommended to use clean containers specifically designated for AdBlue to prevent contamination. Containers or equipment that have been used for other fluids such as oil, fuel, water, or detergent should not be used to store AdBlue as residue from these substances can affect the quality and performance of the fluid.

5. Monitor your AdBlue level and consumption

When AdBlue drops, your Land Rover's message center displays messages. Start by filling your AdBlue tank as soon as possible. A second notification with an amber caution sign will tell you to refill your AdBlue tank. After the third notification, a countdown will begin to the distance until your AdBlue tank is empty, and your car will not start.

The final message will have a red caution icon and state that no restarts are available unless you add AdBlue to your tank. Always read these messages and refill your AdBlue tank immediately. Never replenish your AdBlue tank since this can damage your Land Rover's SCR system and engine. Always have AdBlue on hand to avoid immobilizing your car and requiring a tow to a Land Rover Service Center.

6. Refill your AdBlue tank correctly

You can refill your AdBlue tank. DIYers should follow these steps:

Open the hood to find the blue "AdBlue" or "DEF" filling cap. Remove the AdBlue refill bottle cap and lid. Check the bottle for fluid contamination. Place the bottle in the filling port and turn clockwise until it clicks. Push it down to empty it.

Remove the bottle from the filling port anticlockwise. Properly discard the bottle. Replace the filling port cap and close the hood. Engine start, check message center for warnings or errors. You've filled your AdBlue tank if there are none. AdBlue should always be adequately filled or underfilled because it can damage your Land Rover's SCR system.

7. Do not mix different brands or batches of AdBlue

It is essential to always use the same brand and batch of AdBlue for your Land Rover. Mixing different brands or batches can cause inconsistencies in the quality and performance of AdBlue. Each brand or batch of AdBlue may have slight variations in composition, concentration, purity, or additives that can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your Land Rover's SCR system.

If you need to switch to a different brand or batch of AdBlue, it is recommended to drain and flush your AdBlue tank before filling it with the new product. This can be done by yourself or a Land Rover Retailer or Service Center to ensure no contamination or dilution of AdBlue in your tank.

8. Protect your AdBlue from freezing or overheating

AdBlue freezes below -11°C (12°F) and overheats over 30°C (86°F). The container or dispenser may be damaged, and its quality and performance may be affected. Protect your AdBlue® from severe temperatures by storing it properly.

In a garage or shed, keep AdBlue insulated and aired to avoid freezing or overheating. Keep AdBlue out of direct sunshine and heat when storing it in your car. You should also avoid long-term parking in extreme temperatures.

9. Check the expiry date of AdBlue

Product quality and storage circumstances determine AdBlue's shelf life. AdBlue typically lasts 12–18 months, depending on temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Check the AdBlue expiration date before buying or using it since old or degraded AdBlue can impair your Land Rover's SCR system and performance.

AdBlue's expiration date is on the label or package. An online calculator can determine AdBlue's shelf life based on storage temperature and production date. AdBlue should always be fresh and unopened for your Land Rover. Older AdBlue may have lost its potency.

10. Seek professional help if you encounter any problems with AdBlue

Use the best AdBlue for your Land Rover without problems if you follow these guidelines. Contact a Land Rover Retailer or Service Center immediately if you experience AdBlue issues, including warning messages, lower performance, higher emissions, or engine shutdown.

They can analyze and repair your AdBlue tank and replenish it. Never address the problem yourself—this can damage your Land Rover's SCR system and engine. Never circumvent or turn off your Land Rover's SCR system; this can violate emission standards and destroy your warranty.


Selecting and utilizing the right AdBlue for your Land Rover is a straightforward process when you adhere to these ten essential guidelines. By following these tips, you can guarantee optimal performance of your Land Rover's Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, minimizing your ecological footprint while enhancing your overall driving experience.


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