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best-engine-oil-company-for-your-car 10 Apr 2020

A vital aspect of your car maintenance is choosing the right engine oil and this should not be disregarded.

When you choose the right engine oil for your car, it will assist in the prolonging of the engine life of the car. Engine oil plays a very important part in lubricating the different component of the engine so that they function with a minimum of friction that will see decreased wear and tear. If you use the wrong engine oil then you will have to suffer the changing of the parts of the engine in a short while.

It is not just that you have to choose the right engine oil. Your responsibilities are also called upon to change the engine oil every 8000km to 10000km. This will preserve the condition of the engine and will keep it in optimum condition. When you change the engine oil, it also helps to keep the engine of the car cool.

There are quite a few aspects that should be taken into consideration when choosing the best engine oil in India. These include the fact that different vehicles require different engine oils and also that the engine oil will have an effect on the functioning of the engine of your car. Before you select the engine oil, keep in mind important factors like the type and make of your car, the age of the vehicle, the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer as well as the inclement weather conditions of your city.

In keeping with all the above factors, here are a few tips you should pay heed to when you set forth to select the best engine oil brand in India:

1. The most important thing you should do at the time of oil change is to evaluate the performance of the previous engine oil. If it is the first time that you are going in for an oil change and you don’t know what oil you used for your car previously, we recommend that you find out more about it. In case all went well with the previous engine oil and there was no need for engine repair, you can safely use the same oil and brand without question. In case you do not find the same engine oil, go for the same grade of engine oil by the same or different manufacturer which carries the same manufacturer approvals as per your car manual.

2. You should always go by the manufacturer’s recommendations when you are considering the engine oil change for your car. This fact becomes all the more pertinent when you have a new car which is still covered under the warranty. During this period, it is highly advisable to go by the manufacturer’s recommendations for the engine oil grade type because using different engine oil may void the warranty. In case you need to change the engine oil the manufacturer will not be liable to repair your car free of cost.

3. If your car is old, then you should go for the best motor oil company in India. In this case, you need a different approach for seeking the ideal engine oil. With an old car, you have worn out engines that result in gaps between the various components as a result of friction and wear and tear. For these engines, you will need a thicker engine oil that can cover up the gaps in the engine parts. You will have to seek out different brands that offer heavy, single weight oils for use in the worn-out engines of old cars.

4. Another factor to consider while changing engine oils is the weather of your city and locality. If you have hilly and mountainous terrain, it will call for multi-weight heavy oils that are known for optimum performance in extreme weather situations. W stands for the viscosity of the oil at lower temperatures. The higher the W index of the oil, the worse will be its performance in extreme temperatures. Thus, it is quite essential that you check the W index of the oil in accordance with the local weather when you are selecting a new type of engine oil.

5. Viscosity means the ease with which the oil flows in the engine of your car. According to viscosity, the engine oils can be classified into two classes- single viscosity and multi-viscosity. Nowadays the vehicles in use are all operating on multi-viscosity engine oils; they give the best performance at any given temperature and any weather conditions.

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