Engine Oil Change: Why It Is Vital For Your Euro Car

engine-oil-for-car 29 Jun 2020

When it comes to their cars, a lot of people do not open the hood and check things. Those who care about their cars should have a basic understanding of what goes on under the hood. The mechanisms are quite easy and you would do good to educate yourself about your Euro car.

OEMs seek protection and the owner of the car wants longevity for his vehicle. This basic protection will come at a cost. With the manufacturer oil specifications becoming more common with the passage of days, the auto industry is moving towards synthetic blends of oil and even fully synthetic oil for the cars. These newer blends of oil will give your car better protection at the cost of being too pricey.

The reminder light on your car only indicates that your car needs maintenance. This scheduled maintenance might or might not include an oil change. At this juncture, refer to the owner’s manual to see what is required after specific mileages are reached. The most important thing about changing the engine oil is not the brand of the oil or the intervals. The most important consideration is the type of oil and its weight. You could be using the engine oil brand in India, being a patron of the best engine oil in India, but there should be due consideration as to what is best for your car.

State of the art and modern oils are very, very good and they do a lot to protect the engine of the car if the car goes past the oil change interval recommended. However, the engine of your car is designed to function with a specific weight of the oil. Using a different weight will mean that the engine has a lot of difficulty in maintaining proper flow and this will reduce the mileage of the car and even shorten the engine life.

You have to keep in mind that the manufacturer recommended oil change interval is factored in on the basis of the type of engine oil they recommend. If the manual specifies synthetic oil, the change interval will depend on the life expectancy of the oil, and for mineral oil it is vice versa.

It is not possible for a car mechanic to pull the dipstick and evaluate oil life. It is impossible to judge the longevity of the oil by a visual examination. There have been many instances of engine failure due to bad lubrication. In most of these cases, it was not due to contaminated oil or dirty oil but because of the wrong oil being used in the car engine. A lot of the time, it was due to antifreeze in the oil which is responsible for destroying the bearings in a short span of time.

If you happen to pull the dipstick and find that the oil is diluted with gasoline, and even smells a lot like gasoline, then the oil change should be done immediately. Also, beware of the issue of the car engine running too rich.

The oil life indicator which is found in the modern Euro car happens to be extremely reliable because it does not take mileage into account. It instead looks at how many times you started the engine of the car. The indicator looks at factors like how long the engine is idling, the average RPM, and the temperature at which the car is operating. You can trust this monitor as long as manufacturer-approved oil is used along with a high-quality filter. The oil life indicator is bereft of sensors that can test the soil composition but it relies heavily on proper quality and quantity of oil. Even if you are using racing engine oil or the best engine oil in India, you should ensure that they are manufacturer-approved such that your car does not void the warranty.

These approvals in question are printed on the front and back of the oil bottle and vary for each individual manufacturer. You should pay attention to things like “Ëxceeds”, “Meets the requirements” and “Engineered For”- These do not mean that the oil is manufacturer-approved. It only means that you can use that oil for the particular vehicle specification.

If it is particularly mentioned as Äpproved”, only then can you be sure that the oil is the exact match for your Euro vehicle.

Every car manufacturer has an official list of lubricants that they release for the benefit of the car owners. These oils are approved oils and should be used in the cars of specific make and model. As an example, you can find the approved lubricant manufacturer with the model number at https://bevo.mercedes-benz.com/bevolistenmain.php? &navigation_path=oilfinder&language_id=0. Other makes of cars like BMW, Porsche, Volvo, and Volkswagen have their separate manufacturer-approved lists for ready reference by the car owner.

Factors like extreme temperatures, driving in the city, long idling time all will shorten the lifespan of the car engine oil. In contrast, if you are driving for long times on the highway it will scarcely make a dent in the engine oil. The API ratings and the viscosity of the oil are not sufficient anymore while selecting the correct engine oil. This is all the more important for vehicles under warranty as the consequences are quite costly for both the car and the car owner.

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