7 Reasons To Use Synthetic Oil For Your Car

synthetic-motor-oil 8 Sep 2020

If you have been recommended synthetic oil for your car, it’s a good recommendation. Synthetic oil scores over traditional mineral oil for a good number of reasons. Synthetic oil is the result of chemical alteration and a whole lot of refining. If you are not convinced about synthetic oil, here are some reasons that will change your mind.

  1. Enhanced lubrication: The molecules of synthetic oil are free-flowing ones, being perfectly round geometrically. Conventional oil molecules are also round but they do not achieve the free flow state of synthetic oil molecules. Because of the free movement, synthetic oil is a better choice for the engine of your car, lubricating with ease.

  2. Withstand Heat: As far as the ability to withstand heat is concerned, synthetic motor oils fare much better than conventional oils. A majority of oils undergo thermal breakdown when exposed to heat in the engine. Synthetic oils are better capable of withstanding heat than conventional mineral oils and they perform better in high-temperature settings like the engine of your car.

  3. The engine stays clean: With conventional oils after they are used, a sludge forms in the engine that makes its way to the pan of the engine. Synthetic oils in comparison burn a lot cleaner. Synthetic oil resists the sludge formation deposits and performs efficiently at all temperatures, keeping the engine clean. Fully synthetic engine oil in India sees a better performance than mineral oils.

  4. Durability: Being synthesized in labs, synthetic oils have durability enhancing properties. It can complete the circuit around the insides of the car engine with a higher frequency than conventional oils. This translates to the engine receiving more protection. With enhanced protection comes high durability of the engine.

  5. Viscosity: Synthetic oil is less viscous than conventional oil and because of this, the load on the engine is less. If the engine’s work is thus minimized then it will not wear out that easily and will have a greater lifespan. If you live in cold climes then you must use synthetic oil because the thinness of the oil will entail the easy starting of the engine on cold days.

  6. Helps old cars: Synthetic oil has high mileage and this means that it is perfect for older cars. The oil will help to resuscitate the gaskets and the seals of the engine and will also work against leaks in the future. If you have an aging car, you simply must choose synthetic oil for the engine.

  7. Best for high mileage cars: With conventional oils, you will need to change the oil every 3000 miles. In comparison, with synthetic oils, you are good for at least 10000-15000 miles. This yawning difference in mileage seals the deal in favor of synthetic oil, giving you lesser trips to the mechanics and also lowered the cost of operation.

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