Art. Nr. 20192

Fully synthetic, high-performance engine oil for use in sporty motorcycles with high-revving 4-stroke engines and a shared oil resource for the gears and wet oil bath clutch.

  • 5L
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HIGHTEC FORMULA GT SAE 10W-60 S-Z is a high-performance engine oil of the SAE grade 10W-60 produced using fully synthetic poly-alpha-olefins (PAO). Its exceptionally high level of performance is achieved through the interaction of these excellent base oils and the specially developed, advanced additive composition.

The quality of this product is equivalent to EU regulations

  • JASO MA2

  • The adjusted viscosity grade SAE 10W-60guarantees additional safety under extremeconditions
  • Stable lubricating film, even with very hot oil andunder very high loads
  • Extremely stable to shear stress - ‘Stay-in-grade’
  • High level of protection against wear and corrosion ofthe engine and gears
  • Excellent clutch performance; meets the stringentJASO MA2 requirements
  • The favourable cold viscosity ensures rapidlubrication and low ‘cold wear’
  • High level of oxidation protection due to fully syntheticpoly-alpha-olefins (PAO) base oils and specialadditives
  • Miscible and compatible with conventional andsynthetic motorcycle engine oils. However, in order toexploit the full product benefits of HIGHTECFORMULA GT SAE 10W-60 S-Z, a complete oilchange is recommended.

HIGHTEC FORMULA GT SAE 10W-60 S-Z is suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycles, quads, ATV and scooters with a shared oil circulation system for the engine, clutch and gears. It is characterised by a high thermal load capacity and provides a stable lubricating film, even under continuous stress and at high speeds. This guarantees low wear to the engine and gearbox component parts. At the same time, it also meets the stringent friction coefficient JASO MA2 requirements for best clutch performance. HIGHTEC FORMULA GT SAE 10W-60 S-Z is especially recommended if oils of viscosity grade SAE 10W-60 are specified.

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