Why Lubricating Oils for Cars are becoming more and more popular?

lubricating-oils-for-cars-becoming-more-popular 11 Aug 2023

Over the past few years, there has been a notable increase in the popularity of car lubricants. This can be attributed to their crucial contribution towards improving engine performance and extending the lifespan of vehicles. As automotive technology continues to advance, engines are becoming increasingly intricate. So they require top-notch lubricants to minimize friction, heat generation, and wear and tear. Lubricant oil companies in India have significantly elevated their efforts and are now manufacturing cutting-edge formulas. It not only meets the strict standards set by the industry but also caters to the diverse needs of the automotive sector.

Reasons behind the increasing demand for lubricating oils for cars

As the automotive industry advances, it becomes more and more apparent how crucial it is to have top-notch lubricating oils for vehicles. The surging trend of synthetic motor oils and other superior engine oils can be credited to their remarkable capability of enhancing the efficiency of engines. Below, we will delve into the factors contributing to the escalating preference for automotive lubricants.

Engine Durability and Performance

The growing appeal of lubricating oils can be attributed to several key factors. One of the main reasons is their vital contribution to improving the durability and efficiency of engines. These lubricants play a critical role by creating a safeguarding shield between the various moving components within an engine, thus diminishing both friction and damage. By utilizing top-notch oils, the likelihood of metal-on-metal contact is significantly reduced. It results in smoother engine functioning and a reduced risk of premature part malfunction. Automobile owners are realizing the significance of employing the best engine oil for cars to achieve optimal performance.

Fuel economy and reduced emissions

When protecting the environment is of utmost importance, car owners are placing great importance on the efficiency of fuel usage and the reduction of emissions. Opting for the best lubricant in India for cars can play a significant role in enhancing fuel efficiency by lessening internal engine friction and minimizing energy wastage. Consequently, selecting the finest car lubricant can decrease fuel consumption and notably reduce detrimental exhaust emissions, making it an appealing option for conscientious drivers who are mindful of the environment.

Contemporary Additive Technology

Lubricant additive technology has made significant progress in recent times and has contributed significantly to the rise in their demand. These additives are substances mixed into lubricants to improve particular characteristics, such as their ability to resist wear, disperse dirt, and prevent oxidation. The creation of superior additive combinations has led to the production of oils that allow for longer intervals between oil changes, improved cleanliness of engines, and enhanced defense against rust and build-up. Motor vehicle owners are progressively searching for oils that contain these cutting-edge additives to maximize their engine's efficiency and prolong its longevity.

Meeting Different Engine Needs

With the constant evolution of the automotive sector, car makers are creating various engines, each with distinct performance prerequisites. To address these varied engine demands, lubricant oil companies in India have adapted by crafting an array of oil blends. Whether it pertains to a gasoline, diesel, or hybrid motor, specialized lubricating oils are formulated specifically to meet the unique needs of these various engines. It also enhances the overall performance and efficiency.

Longer Engine Life

To ensure a car's engine lasts longer, it is crucial to maintain it regularly and provide adequate lubrication. Apply the best lubricant in India for cars to prevent direct contact between metal components within the engine. This greatly reduces the potential for damage and minimizes wear and tear. Opting for high-quality oils is essential as they maintain the engine's cleanliness and shield it from harmful deposits and the formation of sludge. As car owners gain a greater understanding of the significance of preventive maintenance, there is an increasing demand for lubricating oils that guarantee an extended engine lifespan.

Why does using the best lubricants affect a car's efficiency?

It is of utmost importance to carefully select the most suitable lubricating oils for your automobiles to achieve optimal performance and durability of the engine. Engine oil companies in India hold a significant position in the market by offering top-notch oils tailored to meet the precise requirements of modern engines. Adequate lubrication assures resistance, oxidation, and damage protection. It increases overall efficiency and prolongs engine life.

Exclusive engine oil provides unparalleled protection against corrosion, sediment, and harmful build-up. The potential damage is effectively prevented, and the engine is kept clean. Additionally, fuel efficiency is improved, resulting in lower costs and a lower environmental impact. Established dealers are aware of these challenges and offer fresh products to meet driving needs.


Choosing the best engine oil for cars is essential to ensure their performance and longevity. Consider factors such as thickness, additives, and manufacturer recommendations. Higher lubricity improves engine performance, reduces wear, and increases fuel economy. Reliable companies offer the best options for your car maintenance needs.


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Thomas T

Ordered 3 litres of Rowe 75w80 TopGear FE transmission oil. Product was promptly delivered on time. This oil is one of the few oils that mentions the original VW OEM part numbers (G052 527 A2) for 2.0 TDI manual transmission. Shift quality is as good as OEM. Overall Im happy with the product

Shubham Bhatia

Recently got my Swift Vdi serviced from Rowe oil. Really amazed to see the difference in the ride quality and improved average (25km/L). Would definitely use again and recommend everyone who wants best in class average in their cars.

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My friend suggested me to use this oil, I was a little skeptical about it as I havent heard of it earlier. But then did a little bit of research online and this brand is not a new brand, it's in the international market for many years.

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Got it recommended and done by GT TUNERZ so I had to give it a try for sure. It has been the best oil til' now for me. I can feel the abrupt change in my engine power and refinement of the engine. If you love your car and want it to love you back then this engine oil is highly recommended for you.

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Great product, Great service with pre buying assistance. Not a depth review but the vehicle feels smoother and sound better. Keep it Up, Looking forward for regular festive offers to grab good deals.

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After using Rowe engine oil for the 1st time now engine is smooth, less engine noise, smooth idling. Overall good quality product.

Vaishanv Reddy

Most of these multi-brand workshops use 5w-30 over recommended 0w-20 because it's not available in entire india for diesel car

Finally I'm glad i found ROWE 0w-20 Motorsport oil with volvo certification

Hardik Doshi

The only oil with the grade which comes oem in all volvo and now im all happy n satisfied with this company to be a part of my cars shelf life...i have used it in my volvo and im really very happy with rowe oil.

Babil Salam

Used on 120000kms run C250 Cdi 2010 model Felt super smooth and less engine noise Satisfied and definitely recommended..

GT Tunerz

Fantastic oil, and more importantly, fantastic range, so one can get the correct grade for the application desired engine, gearbox, brske, you name it , they have it!

Ps: Did I say awesome pricing?

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The best and unique motor racing oil launched and introduced in india by euroliquids india. Something like this was much needed. Made in Germany.

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Finally i found out some trustworthy and efficient oil for my BENZ. This is a brand that strictly follows OEM specifications...

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Cruze vcdi 2.0 running on ROWE. Engine feels much more smoother and responsive :)


Really good review , the car feels much more smoother and peppier.

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Best Product Ever used,
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